Best Pool Vacuum

Aquabot™ is Featured in the Houston Chronicle this week! Check out this great article where we go in depth to find out “what is in your pool?” and how owning an Aquabot™ will make your pool a healthier experience!

“Pool ownership today is vastly advanced from just 10 years ago, offering pool owners easy solutions to cleaner pools, without relying solely on chemicals.

Older methods of pool cleaning include the use of pole vacuums and either suction or pressure side cleaners. Today however, the market is decidedly shifting toward robotic pool cleaners, and Giovanisci says it’s easy to see why. ‘Robotic pool cleaners do three things real well,’ he says. ‘They vacuum and scrub pool floors, some actually scrub the walls helping to remove algae and prevent permanent staining, they have a filtration system built into them that helps purify the water, and they help circulate the water and available chemicals to provide a healthier cleaner pool.’


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