Actually, it’s been here for several years now. Robotic pool cleaners aren’t exactly new to the market. However, the levels of technological sophistication, convenience and ease have come a long way since the first models.

Increasingly, pool owners are giving up the hours of sweaty labor and shed-fulls of unwieldy equipment that come with vacuuming manually.

Aquabot Breeze

Current models like the Aquabot Breeze XLS are sleek, compact, efficient modern marvels that take the hassle out of summer and leave you with a cleaner, healthier pool. In the time it takes to run to the store for party supplies, set up the grill, mix the margaritas and strategically place the Citronellas, the Breeze XLS can leave your pool spotless just as the first neighbors arrive.

The Healthier Choice

Robotic cleaners aren’t just more convenient; they’re a healthier choice for you and your family.

The reason for this is that robotic cleaners function more efficiently than standard vacuums, greatly reducing the amount of chemicals needed to keep the water sanitary.

With improved water mixing and filtration technology, not only is the liner cleaner, the water is, too.

A Better Backyard Investment

Robotic cleaners are also a money-saving investment. Like any great new technology, they pay for themselves in the long run. The reduced need for chemicals is just the beginning.

Many standard vacuums require an additional booster pump, which is costly to purchase and install. Robotic cleaners are entirely self-sufficient. And while standard vacuums send debris and filth into your pool’s filter, robotic cleaners collect the debris to be emptied after vacuuming.

This saves wear and tear on the filter, and allows you to change the sand and/or DE powder less frequently.

Let The Robot Work For You

Aquabot Family

Of course, it’s been said that labor is its own reward. If that’s the case, then labor saved is labor earned. Think of all you could do with the time normally spent tediously running a traditional vacuum.

With the hours saved by a robotic cleaner, there’s more time for landscaping, gardening, and otherwise improving your backyard oasis.

For the dedicated weekend home-improver, robotic cleaners offer the freedom to pick up other projects, or to simply pull up a hammock and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Impress Your Neighbors with the Future of Pool Maintenance

Finally, there’s the cool factor. Very few people have ever gazed enviously at the unwieldy aluminum pole and tangled mess of hose that comes with old-fashioned vacuums. But a sleek, smart automatic cleaner is as much of a conversation-starter as it is a time-saver.

The sight of a robotic cleaner climbing the walls of your pool to get at every last inch of dirt and debris is a sight to see – especially from the comfort of a patio chair.

Considering the time, labor, and money that old-fashioned vacuums waste, the future of pool cleaning is looking brighter every day.

Check out the full range of available robotic cleaners, including our personal favorite, the Aquabot Breeze XLS, and see what’s right for you.


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