The 5 Most Important Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Robotic Pool Cleaner!

The makers of Aquabot share tips to increasing the life span of your Robotic Pool Cleaner!

Let’s face it, your pool cleaner does a lot of work behind the scenes during the season.  We get countless inquiries for tips on caring for your Aquabot robotic pool cleaner.  So to help you get the most out of your product, we’ve listed the 5 Most Important Tips to Extend the Life of Your Aquabot this summer.  Take care of your Aquabot and it’ll take care of you!

TIP #1: Do Not Drop the Unit or Power Supply!

Dropping your cleaner or power supply will cause damage and your Aquabot might not work properly.  This means your pool will become dirty while your robot is being repaired.

TIP #2: Clean the Filter!

Make sure to clean your Aquabot’s reusable filter (bag or basket)! Cleaning the filter media keeps your robot running smoothly and quickly, and prevents clogging. A clean filter keeps re-circulated water crystal clear! “My Aquabot is starting to move slower than…” – Clean the filter. “My Aquabot isn’t picking up debris as much as…” – Clean. The. Filter.

TIP #3: Adjust the *Floating Handle!

*Select Aquabots are equipped with a floating handle, adjustable wheel pins or slide bar.  If your cleaner has an adjustable turning option, adjust it in the opposite direction after every cleaning cycle (see your manual).  This will ensure your Aquabot reaches all areas of the pool and it really helps to prevent any cable tangling.  “My cable keeps getting tangled..” – Adjust the turning mechanism!

Pool Cleaner Maintenance

TIP #4: Give it a Rinse!

After use, remove your Aquabot from the pool and rinse the outside AND inside thoroughly. Doing so will help prolong the life of the product by rinsing off any chlorine or salt (should you have such a pool environment) from the cleaner and its internal components.

Pool Cleaner Maintenance

TIP #5: Storage!

DO NOT leave your Aquabot in the pool when not in use! Store your Aquabot and power supply in a dry / shaded area. Coiling the floating cable underneath the cleaner helps keep the integrity of the cable. A shaded area prevents any prolonged exposure to the hot summer heat. Removing the cleaner from the water prevents any over-exposure to pool water during the swimming season. Even whales come up for air once in a while, so should your Aquabot.