Why Choose a AquaMAX™?

CLEAN AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON. Every AquaMAX is handcrafted to exacting specifications, incorporating the latest state of the art technical developments. The AquaMAX line of commercial pool cleaners is the result of 30 years of research and development.

The AquaMAX line features highly customizable programs, smart cleaning algorithms and sensors to make cleaning as easy as a touch of a button. AquaMAX has the right cleaner for virtually any commercial pool need from small commercial hotel applications to the large 100’ + pools.

Each AquaMAX™ cleaner offers the following:

  • Internal Timers
  • 75′ to 120′ Cables
  • Pool floor and wall scrubbing
  • 0 Entry Air Sensors (select units)
  • Remote Control (select units)
  • Programmable Power Supply Timers
  • AquaSmart Technology (select units)

AquaMax™ Commercial Robotic Cleaner


The Innovation Leader, Technological Advances at Touch of a Button

Advanced Technology

Recognized as the industry standard, the AquaMAX X1, X2, X3 have internal drive motors equipped with microprocessors “AquaSmart” programmed to automatically clean any pool. This computer recognizes when it is cleaning the floor or the walls and ensures complete coverage at the touch of a button regardless of pool design.


Because no two pools are alike  e.g., size, shape, water source, chemical composition, usage amount, climate and geographic location, AquaMAX cleaners are created with options to satisfy virtually any pool need.

Labor Savings

To operate simply plug the compact power supply into any GFI outlet, place AquaMAX into the pool, and press a button. That ís it! The labor savings alone will pay for your AquaMAX within 6 months or less.

Reliable Quality

Aqua Products maintains the highest level of customer confidence by performing more quality control testing on its cleaners, offering more Authorized Service Centers, and having the largest and best trained in house technical service staff than any other manufacturer in the industry.