The Aqua Products Advantage

Not all pool cleaners are created equal. Our advances in robotic technology have enabled us to offer many advantages to antiquated cleaning traditions that can truly make a difference in the quality of your consumers pool experience. Cleaning your commercial pool with an Aqua Products Robotic Pool Cleaner has many advantages… Saves labor Time, Saves Labor budgets, Saves Energy (very low cost per usage hour) and this savings also impacts the amount of chemicals that your pool requires. Our Cleaners not only act as incremental pool filters but they clean debris and help circulate water.

Why Are We The Best?

Ground Breaking Features

Aqua Product commercial cleaners are engineered with the industry’s strongest pumps and finest filtration. They deliver up to 150 gallons of filtration per minute with filtering down to 2 microns, providing the best cleaning and finest filtration available. Furthermore, Aqua Products provides floor, wall, and water line cleaning options giving you the control of where to clean. With options such as Remote Control, Beach Entry Air Sensors, Hydro-Robotic or Standard Robotic Drive Systems, Bulk Head detection and Infra-Red Detectors and more.

Fewer Chemicals and a Healthier Clean

We are passionate about helping your customers enjoy the purity of your swimming pool. For more than 30 years, Aqua Products have helped keep pools clean, but they also help remove more debris and finer particulate than any other robotic pool cleaner on the market, substantially reducing the amount chemicals needed, ensuring a safer, cleaner and healthier pool for your guests.

Save Time, Energy & Money!

Aqua Product commercial cleaners use only a fraction of the energy or labor hours that is required of other pool cleaning options (manual pole, suction side or pressure cleaners), Aqua Product commercial cleaners typically cost only pennies per hour to run – that’s pure savings. They also save water (less filter back washing), save on chemical usage (robotic cleaners actually filter water and help distribute your chemicals more evenly throughout the pool reducing the total amount of chemicals needed. As a result, most Aqua Product commercial cleaners pay for themselves in less than one year!

Aqua Products Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic Cleaners

Aqua Product commercial pool cleaners are engineered with the strongest pumps (up to 150 GPM) and finest filtration in the industry (down to 2 microns). They remove more debris and finer particulate to keep pools physically cleaner, substantially reducing the amount of chemicals needed. It all adds up to fewer chemicals for a healthier clean


Suction side pool cleaner

Suction Side Cleaners

Suction Side and even Manual Pole Cleaning both lack optimal pool water mixing, leaving stagnant water areas that actually demand even more chemicals to stay clean. Suction Side Cleaners also use more energy, as they require your pool’s filter pump to run during their cleaning cycle. They also don’t match the finest water filtration and mixing of Aqua Product Robotic Cleaners which deliver on the promise of fewer chemicals and a healthier clean.

Pressure side cleaner

Pressure Side Cleaners

Pressure cleaners provide better water mixing capabilities than suction side and manual pole cleaning but still leave some stagnant water areas that demand more chemicals to stay clean. Pressure Cleaners also use energy due to added booster pumps and they don’t match the water mixing or the finest filtration of Aqua Product Robotic Cleaners. Manual pole cleaning utilizes your maximum labor hours, which are cost prohibitive to many commercial pool owners.

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