Why Choose a JetMAX™?

No other commercial pool cleaner rivals this simple and efficient design. A two-way, spring loaded flapper valve is employed to direct the pump motor’s stream of water and propel the cleaner strategically back and forth across the pool. The major benefits are very few moving parts, which cuts down on wear and tear and requires less maintenance.  Key to the JetMAX™ cleaners are the use of the patented Power Washing Jet Technology. The PWJ’s power wash pool surfaces by channeling water via tubes to the bottom of the cleaner to loosen stubborn debris and algae. They also help suspend sand and fine particulate so the cleaner can vacuum them into the filter bag.

Additionally, the JetMAX™ is designed to allow the addition of a manual pole for quick easy spot cleaning.

Each JetMAX™ cleaner offers the following:

  • Independently circulates, vacuums and filters
  • VGB drain cover compatible
  • Internal Timer
  • Inexpensive to operate
  • Power washes the pool floor
  • Cleans pool floors with a slope of 45 degrees or less

JetMax™ Commercial Robotic Cleaner


Completely simple. Completely reliable. Completely Economical.

Easy to Use

Just place the JetMAX in your pool, let it sink to the bottom and turn the power on. It’s that easy!

Amazing Power

Water forced through jet nozzles power washes the pool floor while the high powered pump motor vacuums up the dirt and debris into the JetMAX’s large capacity filter.

Durable & Reliable

 The JetMAX series is made up of the fewest moving parts which makes this unit the easiest commercial unit on the market to care for. It also has a reliable heavy duty pump motor to also provide extended service intervals and dependable performance.

Save Money

Jetmax’s are inexpensive to operate. Their cleaning cycle costs about 5 cents per hour, saving you almost 40% on your pool electric usage.