Remote Control

/Remote Control

Remote control enables the operator to divert the pool cleaner from its pre-programmed cleaning path. This is particularly helpful when swimming pools require quick “spot” clean-ups or there is a buildup of debris in one area of the pool. Some remote control units can also program other features like wall climbing – see specific product specifications for details.

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It's important to talk to our staff before selecting a robotic commercial cleaner. As one of the oldest and largest commercial robotic cleaner manufactures, we know and understand the action of every robotic cleaner ever made. We can help you select the right commercial cleaner for your pool so you get satisfaction and also a cleaner that is intended for your pools needs. Every pool is made custom by it's shape, length, and surface material. We want our customers to have the best cleaner meant for them, to clean every nook and cranny! Call us and we will make sure to take care of you! : 1-800-221-1750