Aqua Products achieves “Best Green Product Award”  at the 2014 International Pool, Spa Patio Expo

Aquabot Rapids Robotic Pool Cleaner  2014


We are proud to announce that the Aquabot Rapids XLS took home 3rd place for “Best Green Product” at the 2014 International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo. The XLS was noted for cleaning pools at less than 5¢ per cycle hour of cleaning, saving home owners over 93% Vs. their standard main pool filter system. Additionally the 2015 models now offer reusable fine filter inserts, a new Swivel to prevent cable tangling and Power Washing Jets to clean where brushes can’t!  To get more information about the Rapids XLS, visit you nearest Aquabot dealer or take a look online here at


Rapids XLS’ Key Features:

  • Extra Long 60’ Cable with Detangler
  • Cleans Pool Floor, Cove and Partial Wall with *Radius
  • Equipped with fixed Scrubbing Brushes
  • Extra Large Top Loading Filter Baskets
  • Fine Filter Basket Inserts
  • 2 Cleaning Cycles



Every hour that your cleaner works to keep your pool clean is an hour that you may run your pool filtration system less by up to 70% in total – saving you as much as $2,000 a year in energy. Your cleaner’s pump is so powerful that it can actually redistribute chemicals that have become suspended in the lower, cooler, chemically rich waters within your pool to mix with the warmer, chemically depleted water above. By doing so it provides a much healthier swimming environment due to the more uniform chemical composition, a reduction in overall chemical consumption due to a more accurate water test sample and because cleaner water means less chemicals used. The same powerful mixing action can raise temperatures below by several degrees, saving you more money and energy by reducing heater usage, while also saving you more water by decreasing the temperature of the water above, resulting in reduced water evaporation, including saving thousands of gallons of year by reducing main filter backwashing needs by as much as 80%. Additionally, you can be proud knowing that you are doing your part to help protect the environment as your cleaner reduces the impact of chemically treated water from entering the environment and decreases the use of chemicals, water and energy.

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