Steps To Winterizing Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Steps To Winterizing Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

Winterizing will help you extend the life your robotic pool cleaner! Since your robotic pool cleaner did such a great job taking care of cleaning your pool, here are a few steps to follow to properly winterize it so it’s ready to go for next season!

1. Unplug the Power Supply from the outside socket.

2. Make sure you remove your cleaner from the pool.

3. Unplug the floating cable from the Power Supply.

4. Clean out the filter bags / baskets.

5. Drain your cleaner of any water and let it dry completely.

6. Coil the floating cable and sit the cleaner on its side on top of the cable.

7. Place the power supply next to it.

8. Store your robotic pool cleaner at room temperature. This will prevent any freezing of parts during the winter months.

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