Why Choose a UltraMAX™?

The UltraMAX Series is our Flagship brand of commercial pool cleaners specifically designed for larger commercial pool needs. There are thousands of UltraMAX cleaners at work every day around the world, maintaining large commercial pools like those found in Universities, YMCA’s, Clubs, Public Pools, Military Bases, Waterparks and other Aquatic Facilities – The UltraMAX legacy includes prestigious athletic events such as the Goodwill and Olympic Games. Aqua Products’ team of engineers combine state-of-the-art technology with over thirty years of experience to meet the needs of today’s commercial pools.

Download The UltraMAX™ Series Brochure

Each UltraMAX™ cleaner offers the following:

  • Installation free
  • Free of external pumps or hoses
  • Internal Timers
    **Not included on the Original UltraMAX
  • 75′ to 120′ Cables
  • Cleans Pool Floors (wall scrubbing with hand-held remote control option)
  • 0 Entry Air Sensors (select units) for wave pools, beach type entries, and for pools with Handi-Cap ramps
  • Infar-Red (UltraMAX XL only)
  • Remote Control
  • Programable Power Supply Timers
  • AquaSmart Technology (UltraMAX XL only)


UltraMAX™ Benefits

Uncompromising Power, Size and Agility to conquer the largest Commercial Pool Needs 

UltraMAX™ Products