Book an event for you and your customers to rack in the savings!

Deals that get people in the Door!

Offered during the season’s busiest months (March – September)*, Aquabot Days help bring traffic to your store by allowing you to offer customers the best deals on our robotic cleaners

Better Deals In-Store !

The $20 in instant savings is one more reason to have the customer shop in store! Not only do they benefit but the salesman also gets $20 in their pocket when they close a sale! 

Get Featured!

By holding an event you will have 1 up on other retailers by featuring your sales event on our dealer locator. By advertising this event your website will generate more clicks and leads.

Lawn Signs to Spread The Word!

Part of your Event kit includes lawn signs to promote around town or in front of your retail location.

Keep them coming back for more!

These days customer loyalty goes a long way! By offering in store repairs and tune ups your store becomes their one stop shop.

Keep them coming back for more!

These days customer loyalty goes a long way! By offering in store repairs and tune ups your store becomes their one stop shop.


Book a day to Host an Aquabot Day Event


Prior to your scheduled day you will recieve a kit with everything to prepare for your event!

We got you covered! T-shirts for you and your staff

Lawn Signs to advertise around your retail location

The big event is here!

whats in for it for you?

Well, for every sale you or your salesmen make, you will qualify for $20 gift card! On top of that you can close the deal by offering $20 instant savings / aka. take it right off the cost of the machine at register.


Now that your weekend/ sale has come to an end you can now redeem your proof of purchases.

FOR THAT GIFT CARD: We will need to know each sales person and the cleaners they sold by completing our online form.

We will also re-reimburse the store for the $20 instant savings they gave the customer.

  • Goals, Inclusions & Other Facts

    • You will also be able to use this time to Promote Summer Rebate Savings to consumers
    • Your Event Kit will include Summer Rebate Counter Display tear pad for you to provide your consumers which will also explain the incremental price points.
    • Dealers with Service Centers can offer free Aquabot Cleaner “Check-up’s”
    • Aquabot to supply detailed instructions – Great opportunity to sell parts and new units Aquabot to offer Free filter bags for every check-up completed
    • Filter bags will be replenished via confirmed check-up form (post event)
    • Lawn signs to advertise “The Aquabot Days”
    • We will announce your event on the Aquabot Brand Facebook Page
    • In-store signage
    • Sell sheets upon request
    • Aquabot hand-out Koozies & Beach Balls and respective forms**Program subject to change

  • Complete Terms & Conditions

    • All dealers that purchase more than 40 units during In-Season to receive a 3 tiered metal in-store display
    • Corrugated Displays are available to those that purchase less than 40 units during In-Season (*while supplies last)
    • Display Racks are on consignment bases only and must only show Aquabot Products
    • All programs are subject to change at the discretion of Aqua Products
      Minimum of 16 Units must be met
    • Must attach proof of purchase
    • Free product must be equal to the lowest priced unit on the order
    • Displays are while supplies last/limited availability

  • Details

    • $20 Instant Savings on all Aquabot units.
    • Sales staff receives $20 for every Aquabot sold during the promotion time frame.Promotion will run for 2 consecutive days in each store.
    • Stores will not complete with another territory location.
    • Marketing materials will be provided in order to help sell and
      advertise. (Custom flyers and email templates)
    • Post Event/ Dealers must provide proof of sale, including product
      information, price and date of sale. Must be sent in before October 15th, 2019
    • Applicable on all Aquabot branded products.

  • View Program Brochure