It’s no secret that a clean pool is clearly the top priority to all pool owners and for that matter those that swim in pools, especially Moms. One path to a cleaner pool is simply the use of more chemicals, and we think we can speak for most by saying that, “harsh or toxic chemicals and swimming requires a delicate balance to say the least”. So how do you obtain that balance to ensure a healthy pool environment?

Top 3 Ways to Maintain a Pool With Less Chemicals

First there are three core ways to use less chemicals…

  1. Better circulation of the chemicals that you are already using in your pool
  2. Superior filtration of the pool water resulting in less contaminants in the pool
  3. Proper balance of your pools water e.g., PH, which allows your pool chemicals to be most effective

So what can You Do?

How to Clean Your Pool With Less Chemicals

So that’s easy to list, but can the average pool owner make that a reality… We think YES…

To circulate the available chemicals, there are two main methods. The first method is to run your main filtration system for longer periods of time on the standard filtration cycle or in circulation mode – Please remember that this option could result in hefty electric bills. The second method would be to utilize a robotic pool cleaner that offers a high GPM capability. These cleaners can recirculate filtered water upwards of 80 GPM (or 4,800 GPH) at approximately just 5 cents per cycle hour and are independent of the main pool filtration system. Read More Examples of Pool Filtration

In regards to the filtration of your pool water, most automatic cleaners do an adequate job. But for superior filtration you will want to find cleaners that can filter down to 2 microns. This capability will help clean virtually all loose debris and help filter harmful bacteria from your pool without the need for extra toxic chemicals.

The proper balance of your pools waters (e.g., PH) and total alkalinity does indeed help your chemicals work more effectively. So be sure to check often, especially after a good rain that can dilute their effectiveness. Please also be sure to check different areas and depths of your pool as the surface may not tell the whole story.

Doctor Clean Pool

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