To Qualify for the program:

  • Dealers must be an member of the Preferred Partner Program – If not sign up here:
  • Stock a minimum of three (3) Aquabot SKU’s and order incremental display inventory (minimum 6 units for display).

To Participate in the Aquabot Day Program:

  • Simply fill out the form on the preferred Partner Program page: girgir44hgbwey/AquabotDay/signup/

Once we receive your request, we will send out your Aquabot Day Kit by Late April for Events in May and June 2019

Note: Incremental Event Days are permitted but cannot be supported with additional kits or event extra’s e.g., dealer spiff, and free filter bags, Koozies and beach balls

Our Aquabot Event Kit Will Include:

We will provide pamplets for you and your sales team needs to know

  1. Additional Consumer Rebate Tear Pad good for sales April 1st 2019 – July 30th 2019
  2. A pamplet on how Aquabot Day Event! (requires dated receipt and signed form) – See details under How To, below…
  3. Free Filter bags: Dealers with Service Centers can offer free Aquabot Cleaner “Check-up’s. See details How To: below…
    1. Aqua Products to offer Free filter bags (up to 20 per service center) for all check-ups performed.
      • Free Bags to be sent directly to consumers
    2. Lawn sign to advertise “Aquabot Days”
    3. Aquabot Facebook announcement of event details
    4. In-store Aquabot signage: Aquabot Window Cling and Danglers
    5. Aquabot hand-out 20 Koozies & Beach Balls for the approved event weekends
    6. Dealers can pick any one weekend to highlight the Aquabot Days…We suggest: May 7th/8th, May 21st/22nd or June 4th/5th, but any weekend in May or June qualifies.
    7. Note: Additional Aquabot Sell Sheets are available via standard ordering process

How to Run A Successful Aquabot Day Weekend…

  1. The first key to success is communication. The objectives of the program are to help drive traffic to your store, Drive Aquabot Sales and Sales of other incremental pool accessories in general. To that end:
    1. Please Include awareness for the weekend in all of your traditional advertising vehicles be it: Sales flyers / advertising, e-mail blasts, direct mail and your Facebook page
      • Note: If you wish for Aqua Products to promote your event on our Official Aquabot Facebook page we will do so the week before your event if you simply email Kate Bosland at
      • Signage:
      • Signage alerting your consumers of the upcoming event – We suggest that the two weeks before the event to use the “Lawn Sign” indoors and then move it to in front of your store the week prior to the event
    2. Training: Simply ensure all employees are aware of the weekend and know the following three key factors
      1. How the Consumer Rebate works – it’s self-explanatory with rules written on each tear pad
      2. How the $50 Dealer spiff works- Remember it’s $50 for each unit sold that one weekend only. The form will be in the kit to redeem and include the key detail required e.g., name address and proof of purchase within the weekend dates approved
      3. A brief over view to all employees on how to sell Aquabot robotic pool cleaners
      4. Dealers with Service Centers can offer free Aquabot Cleaner “Check-up’s. Aqua Products will supply detailed instructions —> Great opportunity to sell parts and new units
        • Aqua Products to offer Free filter bags (up to 20 per service center) for all check-ups per­formed.
        • Free Bags to be sent directly to consumers
      5. That’s it…