“Can I open my Pool with a Robotic Pool Cleaner?”

– Sure but wait! What does your pool look like?

Think of your robotic pool cleaner like a brand new indoor vacuum. Would you attempt to vacuum the outside garden or the remnants of a dried up pond? The answer is probably no, and for good reason. Robotic cleaners, especially many that are made by Aqua Products can filter down to 2 microns and that is mighty fine filtration power. Important: two micron filtration is capable of filtering not only your pool debris but your pool water as well.

So wait, before you try and do the impossible, we know the urge is there… Trust us, your pool cleaner will work for one or two minutes or maybe seconds and clog right up. Why, because cleaning swamps is not what your bot was designed to do. Robotic cleaners are designed to maintain a clean pool and help you all Summer long, to have a cleaner pool with less debris and crystal clear water, all with less effort.

How Big is a Micron - Clean Pools - Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaners

So How Big is a Micron


  1. A human hair is 50-70 microns
  2. Pollen is about 30-50 microns

So if you go out and buy one of the best robotic cleaners (one that can clean down to 2 microns), you can expect that it will maintain your clean pool extremely well with just 2-3 cleanings on average each week (depending on your own pool environment). So we hope that you can understand that when opening your pool, if you think frogs will be happy, it’s best to start with the following tips before running your robotic pool cleaner.

How to Open a Dirty Swampy Pool

First and we know it’s hind sight, but if you close a clean pool with the right cover and the right chemicals, the odds of opening a cleaner pool are much better. So what do you do if you open up a swamp. Note: No magic buttons here.

You can always hire a pro to open and close your pool – Costly but hey, maybe money well spent!

  1. If not, start by using the right chemicals (we suggest visiting your local pool shop and requesting their expert advise) they will most likely suggest a shock treatment, PH and alkalinity adjustment chemicals and some type of water clarifier and or flocculant. **Note: Clarifiers will help your pool filter capture larger particals that are now stuck together and flocculents will help debris settle to the bottom.
  2. Run your pool filter
  3. Once the water is clear and the dirt settles a standard pole vac is probably your best bet.
  4. And don’t forget to backwash your filter as that dirt and debris may also clog your filter.
  5. When most of the debris is cleared you can use your your robotic cleaner, but please be prepared to empty and clean the filter bags and or baskets frequently.

One last thought: When using a robotic cleaner in very cold water (any water that is to too cold to swim in) the cleaner may work slower and the cable may be stiff so please use caution.
Well, we certainly hope that this helped answer your question: Can I open my dirty pool with a robotic cleaner? Maybe / maybe not?

Doctor Clean Pool

Dr. Clean Pool’s article is published by Aqua Products the proud founder of the Aquabot brand which is the World’s Leader in Robotic Pool Cleaning Solutions