Outline On The Sign Up Steps


This year we have a new program to help dealers grow their business. We provide you with everything you need from: products, support,
even a professional Aquabot® store listing web site. There are  no Points to Collect, No Hoops to Jump Through.. Just the Benefits. We have made the sign up process simple. The following steps will guide you to becoming a Preferred Dealer.

Step One

  • Start by visiting our website at Aquabot.com
  • Next visit our “SUPPORT” section.
  • Once you have clicked on support there will be a navigation panel on the left hand.
  • Scroll down to click on “Becoming A Preferred Dealer”
  • You will now be on our “Preferred Dealer Membership” page.  You can review all of the features and benefits.
  • We have made the process simple to sign up however there are some basic guidelines. Please review that you qualify with the following:
    • Have no outstanding balances in your account
    • Remain compliment with our MAP guidelines
    • Purchase a minimum of 6 robotic units annually*consisting of atleast three different residential or commercial units

Step Two

  • Click the “Get Started Now” button
  • You will next enter your “Dealership Name”
    • This is the name of the company and does not pertain to a particular location.
    • We will get to adding your location in future steps.
  • After that we ask for the key contact or owner of the company.
  • Next enter your email
    • This will be the email that all account notices regarding the Preferred Dealer membership get sent to.
      ***Please only sign up once with one email.

Step Three

 The next step of the sign up process we ask you to select the services you provide:
  • If you “sell” robotic pool cleaners
  • If you “service” robotic pool cleaners
  • If you “sell parts”
  • And If you are a pool builder

Step Three A

If you selected the option that you “service robotic pool cleaners” you will be prompted with an additional question in the next step. Please enter if you have previously been a service center with us or not.

The next step of the sign up process we ask you to select the services you provide:

  • If you “sell” robotic pool cleaners
  • If you “service” robotic pool cleaners
  • If you “sell parts”
  • And If you are a pool builder

Step Four & Five

 Please enter your dealership location and then phone number.

(If you have more than one location you can enter it in the next step.)

  • Enter store name (this field you can name it by “Dealership Name – Town.”
  • Enter the full address in the next field
  • Enter the phone number.

Step Six

In the last step we ask you if you sell:
  • Residential Robotic Pool Cleaners
  • Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners.


Once you have clicked “Submit” you will be prompted with the message below. If you are a service center please move on to the second phase of the application process. (This is required for all service centers.):



You have just applied to be a preferred partner.

Thank you for submitting your dealership information.

Allow 5 Business days to review and process your information.

You will receive an email notification with the status of your account once it is reviewed. If we have any questions we will reach out to the main contact on file.

If you service our products please continue to our Service Center application

(*This is needed to be qualified for our 2016 service center program)

Click here to return to Aquabot.com

Summary On What To Expect!

  • Once we have reviewed your information, we will send a confirmation email to the one that was entered during this process.
  • If you selected that you are a “Service Center” there will be an additional email with a link to the “Service Center Application” if you haven’t already filled one out..
  • Once Approved we will send an email regarding your account information and to set your password. We do not send the password in the email due to security protocols.
  • You can then view our “Getting Started” section on how to use your new portal!