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Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaners: Stronger Pumps, Finer Filtration

Pools are meant to be enjoyed! Some people clean their pools; others simply let Aquabot handles the chore!

For Over 30 years Aqua Products “The world’s leader in robotic pool cleaning solutions” has worked and mastered robotic pool cleaning. We believe that innovation not only defines us, but it separates us.
Cleaner pools matter! And we can help!

Our new technologies have made robotic pool cleaning simple and easy.

Advances that perform: Less moving parts for greater durability with easy plug ‘n play operation

Aquabot Cleaners have the industry’s strongest pumps and finest filtration Including Ultra-fine Filtration options that can filter down to 2 microns, Removes more debris and finer particulate to keep pools physically cleaner… substantially reducing the amount of chemicals needed.

Our optional patented Power Washing Jets, Hydro-scrub pool surfaces to clean where standard brushes can’t reach, to help vacuum fine dirt and silt particles more efficiently
The most important advancement to hit the industry in the past 20 years! The Aquabot swivel, helps ensure a more tangle free cleaning experience

Our cleaners are now more light-weight and easier to use than ever before. To operate simply place the Aquabot in the pool.

In addition to saving you time, your Aquabot can help you save: water, chemicals, and energy

Save on back-washing. All debris is self-contained in the cleaner without the added strain to your filter system. It all adds up to less water use.

Superior water circulation with the finest filtration in the industry that also helps you save up to 30% on your total chemical usage
Aquabot’s cleaning cycle costs just 5 cents per hour, saving you almost 40% on your pool electric usage

Choosing the right Aquabot cleaner has never been easier !
For more information visit Aquabot.com

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