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Why isn’t my robot moving?

My robotic pool cleaner seems to remain stagnant..

  1. Turn the robot upside down on the deck of the pool.

    The robot can stay out of the water for a few minutes for testing purposes (2 minutes max).

  2. Plug the robot to the power supply. Turn on the robot.

    • Look at the drive pulley. Does it turn?
    • Check the drive belts for wear and tear on the drive system. Belts need to be properly taught.
    • Look for wear and tear on the drive pulley (pulley wear can be spotted by looking at the pulley by the side plate). Worn out parts that control movement in the drive system should be replaced.

If replacement parts are needed or problem persists: Please contact an Authorized Service Center near you by using our Locator or call all our Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-845-4856

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