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Placing your cleaner in the pool

With the Power Supply ON/OFF Switch in the OFF position, plug the Floating Cable into the Power Supply Socket.

If your cleaner does NOT have a Mechanical Wedge Turning System and / or requires the Locking Pin (see page 4), insert the Locking Pin at this time.

Holding your cleaner firmly by its Handle (never by its Axle or Floating Cable) with a finger pressed on the Locking Pin (if Locking Pin is needed), place your cleaner in the pool upside down, gently tilting it side to side to allow any trapped air to escape.

While still submersed, with the air removed, turn your cleaner right side up and allow your cleaner to sink to the pool bottom, with its Wheels down.

NOTE: If your cleaner does not sink it is because air is still trapped inside. Repeat Step 2.

If your pool is elongated (rectangular, oval, etc.), insert your cleaner at the middle of the pool’s length and uncoil the Floating Cable that extends from the cleaner’s body and spread it evenly over the pool water surface allowing adequate Cable length to reach the
entire pool. (Use only as much cable as you need to reach the furthest wall.)

Excess Cable in pool may result in unnecessary coiling or tangling.


Always hold and remove your cleaner from the pool by its Handle only – never by its Axle or Floating Cable. Doing so will result in unnecessary repairs that could be costly.


Set the operating mode for your cleaner after the cleaner has been placed in the pool, the Floating Cable from the cleaner has been plugged in to the Power Supply and the Power Supply has been plugged into a GFCI / R.C.D. protected 115v grounded electrical outlet!

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