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Preparing Your Cleaner for Shipping

In the event that you should have to send your cleaner in for repair, you musts package the cleaner [properly to ensure it reaches the repair facility safely and without incurring damage during transport. This will delay your repair turnaround time and require you to contact your shipper directly to dispute damages.

If the troubleshooting methods shown with in the Troubleshooting Guide have not corrected your technical service issue or has proven that your cleaner requires review by an Aqua Products Authorized Service Center, you can visit here to find a service station in your area.

Keep a Copy of Information for Your Records

***NOTE: a log of all information from your contract with Aqua Products technical service analyst (i.e. RMA, name of analyst, dates, cleaner model and serial number, etc.) should be kept with your operators manual and other important documents for your reference.


Do you need to ship the power supply as well?

Ask the technical service analysis whether the Power Supply needs to accompany the cleaner.

IF YES> Then the power cord should be coiled and the power supply should be entirely well wrapped in bubble-wrap or equivalent protective material. The power supply should be positioned in the center of the base of the shipping box and the shipping box base must be firmly sealed.

How to Package Cleaner:

Your cleaner should be completely wrapped in bubble-wrap or an equivalent protective material. The protected cleaner should be positioned in the center at the base of the protective barrier that is shielding the cleaner from the Power Supply and the Floating Cable underneath, Insulated protective material like bubble-wrap should be placed between the cleaner and the shopping box at wall ans top to secure the cleaner and around shipping during transit.

A copy of the information relevant to the current technical issue should be sent in the packaging with your cleaner .

Please include a letter with the following: 

  • Technical Issue
  • Troubleshooting procedures that you completed
  • Who you spoke with, when and what was determined.
    (Aqua Products and if applicable the Authorized Service Center.)
  • RMA Number
  • Your contact information (name, email, phone number, address, cleaner model name, and serial number.)

Prominently list the RMA number on all 6 sides of the shipping box (preferably with a magic marker or sharpie.)


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