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When to Clean Filter Bag

It is suggested that you clean the Filter Bag after every use to ensure the strongest suction and that it filters down to 2 microns. If your cleaner begins to slow down considerably, (constantly reversing direction before reaching portions of the pool it would normally reach,) it is sending a signal that it is time to clean the filter bag. Always thoroughly clean the filter nag and rinse your cleaner and its components prior to storing it for any length of time.

Cleaning or Changing the Filter Bag

NOTE: Make sure that the power supply is turned OFF and that your cleaner’s floating cable is unplugged from the power supply before removing your cleaner from the pool. 

  1. With your cleaner on its back on a soft surface to avoid scratching it, use your thumbs to push the lock tabs (located on the sides of your cleaner’s underside) away from the center of the cleaner to unlick the Bottom Lid Assembly to release the Bottom Lid Assembly that holds the Filter Bag.
  2. Remove the Bottom Lid Assembly out from the body of your cleaner.
  3. Remove the Filter Bag Clips from each Wire Frame.
  4. Remove the Filter Bag from the bag support Wire Frames.
  5. Turn the Filter Bag inside out (the Fine Filter Bag has a soft felt-like surface on the inside) discard the large debris, and wash off any visible dirt using the following methods:
    1. a garden hose
    2. Faucet
  6. With any method gently agitate the bag in your hands to help remove fine particles while wringing, cleaning and squeezing the bag gently until rinse water is clear.

Machine Wash:

Use of a washing machine (cold water, gentle cycle only) is recommended when visible dirt will not rinse off by other methods.

Reinstalling Filter Bag

  1. Turn the Filter Bag “right side out” (felt like surface on the inside) remount the Bag on the Wire Frames making sure that the Label on the Bag is centered on either of the long sides of the Bottom Lid Assembly direcely beneath one of the Wire Frames.
  2. At the top pull excess Bag towards the middle of each Wire Frame so that the Bag corners are sung against the corners of the Wire Frame.
  3. Bunch the excess Bag into the center area of the Wire Frame
  4. Reinstall each Filter Bag Clip to hold the Filter Bag into place.
  5. Reinstall the Bottom Lid Assembly. Make sure that neither debris nor the Filter Bag itself interferes with the complete closure of the Bottom Lid Assembly. A locking sound from each Lock Tab will be heard when locked properly.

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