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Get Genuine Parts

At Aquabot we are dedicated to deliver world class products, parts and service.

Aquabot parts are made to exact specifications; the parts are tested thoroughly in the finished product. That is why we request that all servicing dealers use our OEM parts in order to get the best performance and the best Customer Satisfaction possible.

Please be aware of aftermarket parts.

It is necessary to always use Aquabot OEM parts for all repairs. OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufactured.” Non-OEM or “Aftermarket” means the part was not manufactured by the Aquabot and is not an Aquabot certified part. The use of aftermarket parts by any service centers is prohibited. Aquabot reserves the right to terminate an Authorized Service Center without notice.

Find an Aquabot parts dealer near you:

***Because of rapidly changing inventory, we encourage you to call the dealers you have selected to assure they have your product in stock.

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